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Day 2 - Maple Syrup Day!

Day Two began with breakfast at the Traditional Huron-Wendat Village. This authentic reconstruction of a Huron village gives students a glimpse into the history, traditions, and way of life of the Huron-Wendat Nation. Many of these buildings were built between 1807 and 1820 and are now classified as a heritage site. After breakfast, students received a guided tour, an exhibition of cultural objects, and took place in some team building activities and games. It was wonderful to see how the Huron and First Nations lived many years ago. We really enjoyed learning about the spiritual masks and the traditional dreamcatchers. Students then learned how to saw the names of the animals in the area using both French and English. In small groups, they then matched the animals to their foot prints.

For the students to be immersed in the French culture in a real life situation, we then traveled to the iMax Theatre where we saw a French presentation called "Galapagos". It followed two marine biologists who were studying the fish and ocean life in the Galapagos island region.

We all found lunch at various regional restaurants back in Old Quebec. One group headed to get poutine (fries with toppings), another group discovered a bakery with chocolate croissants, and a third group went to get crepes! Of course after lunch, everyone enjoyed some much desired souvenir shopping!

During our walking journey back to our hotel we took a group picture outside the Chateau Frontenac which is where Winston Churchill and FDR met to discuss D-Day and ending WWII. This is one of the most photographed building in Quebec and is the symbol of the area. We then walked back to the hotel where we had time to rest and prepare for our dinner and evening entertainment.

We had all been looking forward to our dinner location since we saw the itinerary for this trip: an authentic sugar shack!! Erabliere du Lac-Beauport treated us to an amazing evening of maple sugar facts, knowledge, a great dinner and lots of dancing. We all ate mass quantities of maple syrup and maple butter, were able to purchase maple syrup products, and enjoyed wonderful entertainment. To let out some energy we drove back to the hotel and enjoyed a buss sing a long! Hopefully everyone will be able to calm down and get some sleep because tomorrow is a very busy day!!

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Day 1 - Arrival

We made it!


We have had a long yet fulfilling first day! The students did great on the bus ride and are to be commended on their behavior at the border. You never know how they will handle having a bus go through the check point so we had prepared the students to be ready for anything. One of the officers came right onto the bus and checked all of their passports which saved us time and stress. The students did a great job and we were allowed to enter Canada! Immediately upon entering Canada, students began to see businesses and signs in French which tested their language skills! It is always great to see the students having to use what they have been taught in a real life situation.

We arrived at our hotel, Le Château Laurier around 3:30pm and met our wonderful tour guide, Jocelyn! She went over some basic information before the students headed to their rooms to organize their belongings and get ready for a walking tour of the fortified city. The tour started directly across the street from our hotel at Parliament Hall, which looked much like the London Tower and the Louvre in France. The grand architecture and bold statues made such an impression on everyone. The tower on the top of the building was flying the Canadian flag and the crown gets lit up every time the dignitaries are inside working.

In the front of Parliament Hall was a beautiful statue that was gifted to the city in 2004. This French fountain was found at a flea market for the small cost of 2 million dollars! It was freshened up and gifted to Quebec City.

The streets of the Fortified city were very similar to small towns in Europe and had very quaint qualities including arched doorways, intricate woodworking patterns, and welcoming store fronts and signs. The narrow one way roads also added to the old town charm. The roads curved around each other and you never knew what you would find around the next small bend.

As the skies opened up and it began to rain, we found ourselves at Café Buade for our first dinner in Quebec. Students had the option of Salmon, Chicken, Beef, or pasta and we have never seen kids eat so quickly!! The students enjoyed every bite and were rewarded with coffee tiramisu for dessert.

After dinner, we took another 20 minute walk to Martello Towers where the students learned about the 19th century military lifestyle through interactive competitions and games. After being taught how to respond to an officer and be called to attention, students completed a scavenger hunt, learned the drill to loading a rifle if you were in the British army, discussed how soldiers were punished and taught to respect authority, and worked in teams to solve a few puzzles. This was an amazing learning experience and made the students think and respond in both English and French.

It is very cold and we hope that the wind will die down for tomorrow, but are having an amazing first day!


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Getting Ready to Go!!!

Snow!?!? :-(

As I look out the window at the cold rain, I am reminded of the phrase "April Showers bring May flowers" and I really hope that is true!! Even though Spring is here, we are packing for an action packed (yet cold) trip to Quebec City on Thursday morning. Packing my hat, gloves, and warm sweaters, I am thinking about all of the new experiences that we and 39 students will get to experience over the next few days. I hope that you will follow the 2016 French Immersion Tour to Quebec City on this travel blog! We will be departing at 5am on April 7th and will head to our hotel; Le Chateau Laurier which has such great old town charm I can't wait to see it in person!!

See you on Thursday!!



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